This property, formerly known as Hurricane Creek Stockade, was a Union camp protecting the railroad & supplying
provisions to it's soldiers during the civil war.  Located in Tennessee city, this was the end of the railroad and became a
hub of activity for Union troops. This property  is now an oasis about 50 miles from Nashville that provides numerous
outdoor recreation activities for our family and friends.
Hurricane Creek
Rediscover the simple riches of life.... when a blackberry was something you picked
with Grandma and made into  jam. The spot where your Grandfather taught you to fish.  
The taste of a cool watermelon, in the heat of July, right off the vine.  The crackling
sound as you drive down a winding country road and the chug of a near by locomotive
headed for some distant land.   
.........A place where neighbors don't have to knock


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Hurricane Creek Preserve
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